Thursday, February 26, 2015

dear spring, hurry up!

snow days

while the snow is very pretty and falling snow is always magical, after valentines day i am over winter. it's been freezing since november so i'm good to go on some 50's-60's weather soon, please.

i'm glad the girls seem to love it more and more, though. emmy stomps around the house in everybody's snow shoes and says over and over, "outside? snow? snow shoes? outside? snowman? sled? snowman hug? snow? outside?!" and genevieve is newly fascinated with the fact that apparently the dogs go pee-pee quite a lot as is evident by all of the yellow snow. ;)

we've missed almost all of this session's (8 weeks) toddler playtime classes due to weather cancellations, enough 2 hour school delays and keeping our water running so our pipes don't freeze overnight. it's time to be done and move on to warmth! momma is ready! plus, we're going to Austin in march for SXSW and i'm flying to Florida a few days later for Kaleigh's wedding so i'd like to ease on into that weather. plus, i'm so tired of playing candyland in my living room. i'd rather blow bubbles and ride bicycles outside right now, thank you very much.

i'm pretty sure everyone can get on board with the fact that i am over my winter clothes. i don't want to wear socks, my shirts are all washed out and i'm bored with my heavy scarves. capris! flip flops! light scarves! COME ON, SPRING.

snow days

snow days

snow days

snow days

Saturday, February 14, 2015

i win valentines day.

haha but no really. valentines day has never really been a huge deal to me. sure, i love any excuse to get flowers from my hubby but otherwise NBD. but over the last few years it has kind of become special on accident.

valentines flowers

emmy is a valentines day baby, for starters! valentines day was our, "we'll wait till then and then start trying for baby #2" day, but i'm fertile myrtle so it was pretty exact. HA. last year, kyle had been away on a business trip and we'd been snowed in until valentines day when he came home. he waltzed into chili's to meet us with tulips for the girls and roses for me. it was quite the spectacle and made us all feel really special. and this year. THIS YEAR. it wasn't for valentine's day specifically, but it happened on the day so it counts in my book! ;) this year the man bought me a new car! i'm so excited! we downsized from a van to a chevy equinox suv. we were really only using the extra space in the van to store forgotten toys and empty snack bags from the backseat litter bugs. we used the 3rd row only when family was in town and for that we can just take 2 cars places for a few days, no big deal. so we have the same trunk space just no 3rd row but WAY nicer insides. genevieve kind of loved car shopping. she wanted to sit in every seat and test drive them all. she announced today that she wanted a pink sparkly car and i was on board with that vote. chevy, get on that. she kept asking if we were going to buy this one, how about this one, this one?? so it was exciting to get to tell her, "yes, this one!" i'm sure i'll be posting instagrams of it tomorrow since it's getting dark out and kyle hasn't made it back yet from the dealership just yet. we split up since it was the girls' nap time. he did all the financial dealings and we just had to look at the cars. it worked out in my favor, for sure haha.

it's been rough this year with all of the crazy that comes with major depression and a husband who travels a lot for work (not that i mind, i love his job! i just don't do that great on my own after a few days, unfortunately). so it is really really nice to have something good happen to us. i feel super thankful and grateful today. i got a nap and a car, how about that. heehee just kidding.


Monday, February 9, 2015

branding for my photoblog

i've had that love/hate fun with re-branding/rebooting my brand for Studio Britt. it's hard to get past each creative roadblock, but once you do you feel great! i love the direction my new logo went. i initially had my sister sketch out some ideas since she's brilliant with sketching typography and i'm more of a digital cat. her handwritten type for studio led me to find this sweet font. i love it!

so i think i've finished it but you know how that creative bug never quite dies. the website is done and i'm wrapping up my marketing materials and business cards. i'm hoping to get those sent off to print this week and maybe pass them around local bulletin boards next weekend. i think the feel from this branding page really does represent the type of sweet magic i try to get in my photos. i'm nowhere near the photographer i'd like to be, but i do have a sort of style and i'm trying to find strength in it. so without further rambling, here's the branding Studio Britt Photography! i'd love to know what you think!

studio britt branding