Monday, February 9, 2015

branding for my photoblog

i've had that love/hate fun with re-branding/rebooting my brand for Studio Britt. it's hard to get past each creative roadblock, but once you do you feel great! i love the direction my new logo went. i initially had my sister sketch out some ideas since she's brilliant with sketching typography and i'm more of a digital cat. her handwritten type for studio led me to find this sweet font. i love it!

so i think i've finished it but you know how that creative bug never quite dies. the website is done and i'm wrapping up my marketing materials and business cards. i'm hoping to get those sent off to print this week and maybe pass them around local bulletin boards next weekend. i think the feel from this branding page really does represent the type of sweet magic i try to get in my photos. i'm nowhere near the photographer i'd like to be, but i do have a sort of style and i'm trying to find strength in it. so without further rambling, here's the branding Studio Britt Photography! i'd love to know what you think!

studio britt branding

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