Tuesday, September 23, 2014

well hello there.

It has certainly been a while since I've run a blog and I have missed it. This is my attempt at jumping back in. New town, new attitude, new blog (new hair? I think that might be necessary, too).

First things first, we're in BMORE now. Baltimore or "Bawlmer" as some of the crazies up here say it. To say we miss Charlotte is quite an understatement but Baltimore has its happies, too.




The perks being that Kyle loves his new job (I guess it's new-ish now since its been 5 months) and so do I. We're living in a good school district and the area is very hilly which definitely appeals to me. And we're hitting cooler temps now, PRAIIIIISE, so I feel more keen about living here. I'm always in a little bit better mood when the weather is nice. ;)

I'm in a moms bible study at G's school and have attempted the gym a few times with E so far. We're starting to get into a routine, something else that levels me out a little bit. Now if only somebody would magically unpack the rest of these boxes for me...

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