Tuesday, September 30, 2014

game changer.

during the start of our seasonal baking over the past few weeks, i kept seeing a device i hadn't seen before. in recipes online for soups and sauces, i would keep seeing this...thing.

it's not so weird, right? it looks like a milkshake maker or something. so i started looking because my baked potato soup, applesauce and apple butter have been chunky. and slopping hot portions of it into my blender and making a huge mess is not my cup of tea! so i know what i'm asking for for christmas now! a sky blue kitchenaid hand blender to match my stand mixer! i'm excited now that i know what it is! besides being easier and less messy for me, it means that genevieve could help me in the kitchen a little more. she's always asking if she can help me make something. i finally gave her a soft knife and let her cut fruit for hers and emmy's breakfast last weekend. she was so proud. maybe she'll be a more accomplished cook than i am, seeing as how i didn't discover what a freaking hand blender was till i was almost 30! ha!

so anyways, i'm adding this to my amazon wishlist ASAP. 

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