Wednesday, October 1, 2014

is it challenge month?

i keep seeing different challenges pop up in my feeds on this first day of october. everyone seems to be participating in something. a fitness challenge before the holidays. a no-spending challenge during the spendiest time of year. a challenge to get off your phones for a month. and challenge to write every day of the month. and you know what? good for them. good for you. i'm interested, i cheer you on, i'm inspired by you. but i am not participating. i feel like i'm barely treading water here and taking on a "project" that involves thought or sacrifice every day of this month is much more than i can handle right now. it makes me feel a bit like debbie downer, but i'd rather make what i've got merry than try and force too much of it out of me when i'm not ready.

i'll tell you what i am going to participate in. yoga pants (i don't care if it's trendy. it's pajamas during the day, people!). coffee. the occasional sweeping. baking. taking walks so we can see the changing leaves and smell the air getting crisp. reading. meeting new people and trying my darndest not to scare them away. attempting to workout 3 times a week.

i am participating in my life. it takes up every nook and cranny of available space right now. maybe i'll be up for a new challenge next month.

merry challenge-free october.

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