Monday, October 27, 2014

weekend recovery.

be honest. we all need a little pick me up on a monday morning. whether you're digging your face out of your cereal bowl or trying to ignore tiny human boogers that were just wiped on your shirt. here are the happies i've found recently that gave me a merry little boost.

*best enjoyed with COFFEE.

1. the history of the hospital baby blanket.

as a mom and a design freak, i love finding things like this! very interesting. and we have tons of photos of the babes in the different hospital blankets, of course, including the one the article talks most about. i still pull them out of the baby box occasionally hoping the newborn smell still lingers.

2. scarf camera straps.

how did i not know about these?? putting my 2 favorite things together? okie dokie! ;) christmas list. stat.

3. crazy ass people.

while the photo story is very umm...can't-look-away-crazy, i don't really understand how this all happened. plus, at the end of the story it talks about how melanie griffith was attacked by a lion she was working with. i mean DUH. it's a LION.

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