Sunday, October 19, 2014

pumpkin patch.

pumpkin patch

we took the girls to the pumpkin patch this weekend! we had a surprisingly difficult time finding a place to go. either there was no patch, just a market at a farm, or it would have cost upwards of $30 just to get into the patch before paying for pumpkins or hayrides. we thought we'd found a great one but then realized it was an hour away and we weren't that pumpkin crazy. but we landed on one close to home and just ate the $25 entrance fee, but we're glad we did!

it was a beautiful little spot on the outside of town. the trees were all changing and the weather was gorgeous. we drove through rolling landscapes and horse farms on the way in. it was very picturesque.

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

the girls were very excited. emmy has been working on saying "pumpkin" and has landed on "punker." it's very cute. there was a sandbox full of dried corn that genevieve kept calling the corn sand, a teepee made of cornstalks, hayrides and little and big mazes. the kids loved it. if it didn't cost money to get in we'd go during the week just for fun.

we picked out a couple small pumpkins for the stoop and a couple baby pumpkins because they were so cute. i'm thinking we should have gotten larger pumpkins because emmy keeps rolling them around and knocking them down the steps. at this rate we'll have splattered pumpkins before halloween!


we finished out the day with a bbq lunch and raking leaves after nap. it was a very nice and fall-y saturday. my favorite kind of saturday!! today it's cold and i'm wishing we had a fireplace. one day, future house. one day.

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