Monday, October 6, 2014

weekend recovery.

be honest. we all need a little pick me up on a monday morning. whether you're digging your face out of your cereal bowl or trying to ignore tiny human boogers that were just wiped on your shirt. here are the happies i've found recently that gave me a merry little boost.

*best enjoyed with COFFEE.

1. my fall staples.

links: headband // plaid scarf // musthave scarf // tall boot // leopard flat // bootie
if i don't have these already, i'm planning on owning them! i just picked up the plaid scarf from target after salivating after all things plaid at the start of the season. i've been loving accessories lately since i'm just not where i want to be with my weight. accessories are my way to make my outfit look happy, heavy or not. the tougher question is what level of WINTER jacket i need up here in the semi-tundra i've heard stories about.

2. the nester's vignette me series!

i am pretty stumped when it comes to creating a vignette. i try here and there but i never quite make it work right. so i'm psyched that she'll have a whole 31 days of vignetting examples and posts! she's already got a few posted to check out.

3. a beautiful mess' pumpkin spice white russian.

my mouth dropped open when this crossed my blog feed. i have a particular soft spot for white russians since that was the first drink i ever tried (fancy college girl haha) and it was the drink of choice as kyle and i jetted off to NYC for our honeymoon. so yeah, i'm about ready to haul my 2 crazies into the liquor store for some vodka and baileys so i can combine 2 loves i didn't know i always needed!! dirty looks be darned. mama wants a PSWR.

4. iheart organizing's new coffee table.

who doesn't love pretty much anything from world market? and i'm basically obsessed with jen's beyond gorgeous house and skills so of course i love it and how she styled it. it's another kick in the pants to get a coffee table for us, something that has evaded us for oh...2 years now? yikes. i think, at least until we find THE ONE, we're going to go with this simple beauty from walmart. yes, walmart. i'm not above the scariest place on earth when it's worth it! ha.

5. and last but not least:

certain someecards make me snort and cry with laughter. this is at the top of the list as one of the silliest and truest ones. i posted it on my instagram last year and it just popped up on my timehop. i've got to spread the happy around!

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