Friday, October 10, 2014

belated back to school.

i wanted to share my pretty girl's back to school photos before we get too far from her first day of school. she's in her last year of preschool and is considered pre-K now. BREAK MY HEART.

she started on september 3rd and was a little nervous. she kept telling me, "yeah but i might cry a little bit." but she did walk right in, greeted her teachers and got straight to playing with the baby dolls and dollhouse. emmy had a good time, too. i'm pretty sure she thought she was going to get to stay, too.

she has no trouble going to school. she's excited every day and the carline helpers always tell me they want to share her excitement with the sad, scared two year olds. she also replies, "i don't miss you! i love school!" when i tell her i missed her when i pick her up. STINKER.

according to her recent 4 year old checkup, she' s 40 inches and 37 pounds. i remember she was 3 ft on her 3rd birthday but i'm pretty sure her weight has stayed about the same. my little string bean. she's all leggings right now because she's got no booty to hold up her jeans haha. and she's just so darn gorgeous. it is incredible to me how breathtakingly beautiful she is. her sister too, of course, but her pictures are next!

and one flash back from last year to really get the tears flowing:


  1. 1. love that you're blogging again. 2. the immersion blender IS amazing. 3. i'm sad you miss home. but I figure you keep moving north so eventually you'll end up in michigan and we can be real life friends. with playdates and stuff.

    1. that is not a bad idea. ;) although all the snow you get is a little scary haha.