Friday, November 7, 2014

the herrrr.

mama is getting her groove back! and we'll call that groove Birthday Weekend. i've been gifted clothes, a massage and a very much needed hair cut and color! my first salon color since...middle school? yeah, i'm pretty excited. my hair is box brassy blonde and long like a horse's tail. IT'S TIME.

so as far as i can tell, i want a light brown/neutral color with maybe a few highlights. and a longer bob with nice layers and only just slightly stacked in the back. i'm so FLIPPIN excited. my hair is so heavy now and it's in a ponytail most of the time. i hate that because i really hate what a wet ponytail looks like on my head. hopefully i'll have just enough for a gym ponytail and just little enough for a quick blowdry on gym days when emmy watches elmo while i shower like a time bandit.

i have no idea if that color would look good on me and i'd like to go more chocolate but baby steps. actually going in there and talking to a person about my head is scary enough. i stutter and make sound effects and giggle inappropriately when i'm nervous so i figure i'll come out with a purple mohawk if i talk too much. fingers crossed i look semi-like these photos tomorrow night!

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