Sunday, November 9, 2014

well that didn't go as planned.

well birthday weekend hair was a grand disaster.

i went in with my dorky, over-researched photo, talked at length about color and picked out strand colors and out i came with BLACK hair and about 6 tiny white strands that are supposed to pass as highlights but just look like grey hair. my cute angled bob is actually the mom-bob. it's longer in the back than the front and very frumpy looking. i didn't need any help there.

and it was $200. i wouldn't normally harp on the price if it was a good deal but that's a lot of money to pay for a disaster. if i bought a phone that was 100% not what i was supposed to get i'd return it asap.

i talked to the manager today about fixing it and she actually tried to get me to agree with a half-laugh that it's much easier to go darker than lighter so this will be near impossible. i had to remind her that i paid $200 for them to destroy my hair so it's not exactly funny. nor do i have the time to come in week by week to fix it in sections.

and the manager talked like she was chewing gum and talked out her nose, much like you'd expect from the manager of a hair salon. it was annoying. mostly it was annoying that i had to talk to her in the first place.

so i had to have a very grown-up confrontational phone call today, something that makes me supremely uncomfortable. and now that i've had another good cry about it, i'm just grumpy.

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