Thursday, December 4, 2014

color of the year!

hello earthy, wine-colored pick! i knew i liked burgundy for fall and winter, but i'm excited about the possibilities to use it all year long. i know the color of the year is a silly thing, but when you're a creative-brained person, it's like getting a present. ;)

i actually really like the potential since i wouldn't generally pick this color in my home. i like blacks and metallics, bright pops and grey neutrals. browns and deep reds don't mesh well with the color scheme i've created for my life and it's good to get a nudge in a different direction every so often! pantone says marsala pairs well with sandstone and classic blue. both of which aren't my go-to choices. it's fun, stretching yourself this way.

wood furniture is the first thing that comes to my mind when i think about using this color in my house. i can imagine a small console table painted marsala with pretty vibrant flowers on it, maybe an oversized gem paperweight on a stack of coffee table books and a lamp with a bright aqua base. of course, if aqua is involved, i could get on board the marsala wagon!

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