Monday, January 19, 2015


yeah yeah, it's almost february. i'll get there.

so this year i have the regular lame-o resolutions and a few bucket list things i'd like to accomplish. i might as well write them down so they're on record to look back and keep me semi-accountable.

this year i want to:
-- quit soda down to once a day or not at all
-- increase my water intake
-- eat more real food, especially fruits
-- try a class at the gym and stick to it for 6 weeks
-- taking all the above into account, lose a significant amount of weight
-- accomplish something creative that's real
-- organize the basement
-- purge/donate/sell all unused clothes/toys/items
-- print more pictures to be framed
-- write thank you notes
-- heal enough mentally that i reduce my need for weekly therapy
-- read helpful books and guilty pleasure books, preferably 12+.

i'm trying to incorporate weight training into my workouts but have no idea where to start, so i think a sculpting class might be exactly what i'm looking for.

and by creative, i mean get my photography site/marketing done enough that i actually start to get calls for work AND/OR take a fun class like the photography track at the baltimore city community college or a local calligraphy course.

i'm doing a smidge better on my water and eating, but i'm still not on fire for it yet.

genevieve and i just purged the toys ready for sale and donation in the playroom. now i actually have to cart them out and list them online.

a decent list, overall, i think! maybe i'll even be so good that i'll cross them off as i go. but let's not get too fancy.

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